Legality of Kratom in Canada

Key Takeaway: Use of Kratom is legal in Canada. It can also be sold, but only for domestic consumption.

Laws on selling: Kratom is not allowed to be marketed as a consumable product, it has been approved for use in the medicinal sector. This has come as a considerable relief to therapeutic practitioners, patients, and the academic community.

Laws on consumption: Kratom cannot be used publicly, only at home and for medicinal purposes. This step ensures that kratom is not abused and used only for treatment purposes and not recreational purposes.

Science and research: Canada is one of the most welcoming when it comes to kratom. Currently, the Canadian government is proactively researching cannabis-like drugs to deliver the best pain-relievers. The country has a strong interest in understanding the positive effects of kratom on people’s health. Current legislature includes a preliminary study that shows the potential of kratom in the medical industry.

[Latest update: January, 2020]

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One thought on “Canada

  1. Kratom is in canada isn’t as welcome as you’d think. Vendors are being shut down left right and centre by health Canada. I’ve had 2 kilo packages from Indonesia refused at the border by health canada and sent letters with nonsense explanations for the refusal. Their reasons contradict the regulations (or lack there of) such as, a person is only permitted a 3 month supply, meanwhile, as it’s not sold for human consumption, who is saying what a 3 month supply is?
    I know allot of vendors who have had product refused at the borders. Unfortunately, to fight it ends up costing more than the loss of product.

    Basically in the absence of clear regulation, health canada does whatever they feel like and gets away with it. It’s appalling! It needs to be regulated for human consumption in canada so there can be clear guidelines, assurance of quality and that it doesn’t fall in the hands of minors. Sadly we don’t have an awesome organization like the AKA or the BEA here to fight for this and it’s badly needed!

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