10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kratom

kratom benefits

In the last decade, kratom has become increasingly popular in North America and Western countries. This is likely because, as far as natural and plant-derived supplements are concerned, the benefits of kratom are potent, fast-acting, and unique. There is more to kratom than most users know, though. Keep reading to find out more about what makes this natural supplement unique.

1. People Have Known About The Benefits Of Kratom For Years

Even though it didn’t arrive in North America until the 1980s, Kratom has been around — and actively used for its medicinal properties — since at least 1836.

2. All Natural Kratom Supplements Come From A Plant Native To Southeast Asia

Mitragyna speciosa grows almost exclusively in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, and is notoriously difficult to propagate elsewhere; the seeds lose potency just days after harvest and the temperature, humidity, water pH, and soil alkalinity must be perfect for them to take root.

3. Most Beneficial When Chewed Or Brewed Into A Tea

The natural stimulant and sedative compounds in kratom are most bioavailable when chewing or brewing tea using the raw (fresh or dried) leaves. Taking kratom plant-derived supplements may prove a little less effective, both because of lower bioavailability and having less assurance of the dose and additives.

4. The Benefits Of Kratom Are Uniquely Contradictory

While the effects of most natural and plant-derived supplements are dose-dependent (that is, the more you take, the stronger the effects), there is a unique kind of contradiction in how kratom benefits users. In small doses, the notable benefits of kratom come from its properties as a stimulant. In high doses, the known effects and benefits of kratom change completely, taking on sedative properties.

5. Your Productivity Increases Substantially

Kratom is traditionally used by day laborers in Southeast Asia to help sustain their energy throughout long workdays. This is because low- to moderate-sized doses (derived from 1-5g of raw Mitragyna speciosa plant leaves) often cause a kind of “pleasant,” amphetamine-like increase in productivity and decrease in fatigue.

6. Kratom Can Boost Your Mood

Recent research suggests that taking appropriate (low) doses of kratom has natural mood-enhancing properties — including making people feel more alert, engaged, sociable, and excitable — while also making some people feel more empathetic and comfortable interacting with others. This benefit of kratom may be closely linked to its known anti-anxiety effects.

7. Kratom Can Help Manage Anxiety & Depression

Many natural and plant-derived supplements claim to lower users’ inhibitions, but kratom is one of the few plant-derived supplements to have empirical support of those claims. In mental health applications, kratom may be a natural antidepressant and anxiolytic and also have fewer negative mental health effects than opioids often (inappropriately) used for similar reasons.

8. Kratom Works Quickly & Clears The System Slowly

When prepared right, the benefits of kratom tea can be felt within 5-10 minutes of ingestion. That said, some studies have found that kratom remains at detectable levels in the bloodstream for 2 to 5 days. For regular users, it takes even longer to “wash out” the bioactive compounds from their system.

9. The Availability Of Kratom Varies By Country

Because some of the natural bioactive compounds in kratom can be toxic in high doses and addictive (and sudden cessation after regular use may cause withdrawal symptoms), some countries have sought to tightly regulate the availability of kratom leaves, seeds, and plant-derived supplements.

10. Researchers Are Still Studying The Biochemical Actions & Benefits Of Kratom

As more people learn about how kratom benefits users and its use has become more popular, researchers have become more interested in finding out the natural bioactive compounds at work in kratom supplements. As a result, research on the benefits of kratom (and its potential side-effects and therapeutic uses) is ongoing.

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