No Evidence That Kratom Protects Us from the Coronavirus

can kratom treat coronavirus myth

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. This recent pandemic has affected thousands across the globe in over 194 countries and counting. Its spread happened so fast across the globe that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global pandemic. Although the virus first originated in China, other countries like the US have grown exponentially in terms of total cases. As of March 26, the US has surpassed China in total cases. Scientists predict that if this virus is not contained immediately, the entire human population can become infected. As an emergency response to this fear, many cities and states have begun shutting down non-essential businesses and locking down their metropolitan areas. Can kratom protect us from the coronavirus? Let’s discuss this recently popularized myth once and for all.

How is the coronavirus tested?

Doctors have started to diagnose any person with chest scan results revealing unique coronavirus-like pneumonia patterns rather than conducting medical tests for the virus. With this method, they try to isolate cases and provide quick treatment to help speed up patient recovery. Scientists agree that this virus is more than 10 times as lethal as the seasonal flu. Nearly every age group has reported contracting this disease, with the exception of children below the age of 9.

How does covid-19 affect the human body?

Covid-19 is a new strain of coronavirus and is considered to be genetically similar to that of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Below is a detailed description of how Covid-19 affects different parts of the human body:

  • Lungs

For many patients, symptoms of Covid-19 starts in the lung as it is categorized as a respiratory disease similar to the flu. The lungs are attacked in 3 phases: viral replication, pulmonary destruction and immune hyper-reactivity. During the initial days of infection, it invades the lung cells. In both lungs, many patients developed pneumonia-like symptoms such as shortness of breath and inflammation.

  • Stomach

A good number of patients had suffered from diarrhea during the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) & SARS outbreak. But now, a new study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology claims that up to 50% of diagnosed patients issued compaints about digestive issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

  • Liver

Liver damage is another emerging concern with Covid-19, as it was with SARS, a similar strain of coronavirus. Often mild liver injury indications were noticed with MERS and SARS, while severe cases have reported to cause severe damage to liver including liver failure.

  • Kidney

A small percentage of SARS patients including MERS patients had suffered from acute renal injury. The novel coronavirus is now said to have similar capability. In a study of 701 patients admitted in Wuhan in 2020, 5.1% of patients experience acute kidney injury (AKI). Although an uncommon feature for this disease, it can potentially be a fatal one.

Can Kratom help prevent coronavirus?

Recently a chemistry professor from a university in Indonesia stated that Kratom consists of compounds with similar chemical structures to chloroquine – a compound that research shows is powerfully combative against coronaviruses. Checking out the label present on the disinfectant bottle spray will help you understand the powerful effects of the compound. There are no scientific experiments to prove kratom has alkaloids that can stop the coronavirus. While the molecules contained in kratom are similar in their atomic structure to chloroquine, it does not mean kratom’s molecules would behave in a similar fashion in an experiment with the coronavirus. In other words, there is no scientific evidence that kratom can prevent or cure coronavirus in the same fashion that chloroquine can. However, kratom has many health benefits including the ability to strengthen the immune system and treat bodily ailments.

Amazing immunity booster medication

Kratom is considered a natural and popular alternative for pain medications and belongs to the coffee family of plants. There is also some indication that kratom is can boost our immunities, although the research is nonconclusive to date.

Many alkaloids in kratom are thought to act as immunostimulants, although some of these alkaloids are said to represent less than 1% of the kratom leaves.

Anecdotally, dozens of comments on Reddit from kratom consumers claim that consuming kratom has quickly alleviated symptoms of common colds. We here at Kratom Society are regular users of kratom and can attest to these claims.

Unfortunately, the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has unfairly claimed kratom as ‘addictive’ and ‘dangerous’, similar to opioid medication. Medical experts countered these claims, saying that these statements are wrong and opposite to the scientifically-proven natural healing properties known for many centuries.

What doctors recommend to fight against the coronavirus?

Doctors also recommend other immunity boosting nutrients like vitamin C in the wake of coronavirus, as it provides the body with a ‘warming’ effect — similar to the effects of spices and ginger. Virgin coconut oil is also stated to be a powerful antiviral that is best used to ward off coronavirus.

With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire., knowing how to use natural remedies to boost your immunity is of utmost importance. Kratom is emerging as a popular plant with unique antiviral properties that can help people stay healthy and ward off diseases.

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