Best Kratom Strain for Social Anxiety

Does kratom help with social anxiety

Kratom and Social Anxiety

Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family of plants. There are hundreds of different strains and variations available, each with their own unique properties and effects. Here are the top 3 Kratom strains for preventing and reducing social anxiety:

1) Red Borneo:  Introverted or shy people who suffer from social anxiety can use this strain to sooth their nerves. Red Borneo Kratom calms you down and helps you focus on one thing at a time. Many people say it gives them feelings of general contentment.

2) Red Bali Kratom: For more extreme cases of social anxiety (i.e. excessive sweating, stuttering, fidgeting, itchiness, forgetfulness, etc.) they can use Red Bali, a stronger strain of Kratom, to ease their bodies and minds.

3) Maeng Da: Many Kratom users also enjoy using Maeng Da for relieving social anxiety, tension and stress. Whether it’s red, green or white Maeng Da, this strain of Kratom lifts your mood and makes you feel more relaxed and talkative, even around strangers.

What is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interactions with other people. It is not uncommon for people to fear some social situations and feel quite comfortable in others. For example, meeting strangers for the first time or giving formal speeches. But when a person fears social situations every day, he could be suffering from social anxiety disorder.

This disorder affects 7% of US adults and causes people to feel self-conscious, embarrassed when meeting others, and constantly judged by others.

Other symptoms include isolating themselves from friends, avoiding people, sweating excessively, stuttering, extreme nervousness, etc.

People usually take antidepressant medications to boost their mood, relieve stress, and relax. These medications tend to produce many negative side-effects through long term usage. Moreover, recent research indicates that most antidepressant medications for social anxiety disorder are useless, even in the short-term. They also lead to dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

Others seek professional help through psychologists, psychiatrists, and other types of therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The exact nature of each individual’s disorder differs from one another; therefore, it is important to try different treatment options to find the one that works best.

How Kratom Helps with Social Anxiety

Kratom increases production of the chemical dopamine in the body, making the user feel happier, more confident and relaxed. Excessive amounts of dopamine can lead to feelings of euphoria rather than just a slight boost in energy. For this reason, small doses of Kratom is recommended for social anxiety relief.

Kratom also acts as an opioid blocker to eliminate feelings of pain or tension in a similar way anti-anxiety medication works.

Studies have indicated that Kratom stimulates the mu-opioid receptors in the brain, directly effecting anxiety levels. The plant also affects other brain receptors that affect adrenalin and serotonin levels, both of which play a role in anxiety regulation.

Despite all these benefits, we still lack clinical studies on the full capacity of Kratom, especially as it pertains to anxiety and other medical conditions. However, many users have reported on reddit and twitter that Kratom has positively affected their social anxiety issues.

Other beneficial effects of kratom include:

  1. Stress management
  2. Relaxation
  3. Energy enhancement
  4. Better sleep

All of these individual effects can help you with your social anxiety and general well-being.

How to Properly Consume Kratom for Social Anxiety

There are many different varieties of Kratom trees, each with their own unique characteristics. Knowing which varieties are available in your region and how they work is key to finding the right kratom for you.

In its natural form, Kratom is a stimulant – which is the complete opposite of how anti-anxiety medications work. If you simply increase the energy level of someone suffering from social anxiety, it will likely worsen their anxiety and increase stress levels. This is because their “desire” to be active increases but their bodies remain tense and nervous.

The best type of Kratom for people suffering from social anxiety is a relaxing and sedative strain, one that relaxes their nerves and give them self-confidence. White Maeng Da and Red Maeng Da are two of the most popular strains for this.

Tips on Kratom Dosage

  • When consuming Kratom for social anxiety relief, limit your dosage as a high dosage produces a high sedative effect and may affect your ability to interact in social surroundings.
  • The recommended dosage for social anxiety relief is 2-4 grams of Kratom. Experiment with lower amounts first and work your way up.
  • Those who weigh less than 150 pounds should only take 2-3 grams of Kratom (roughly one teaspoon).
  • Take Kratom just before the social activity (not hours before) to prevent the effects from wearing out mid-conversation.

A Real-Life Story: How Kratom Helped Me Deal with Social Anxiety

This story comes from Kristy from Boston, a fellow kratom user and regular reader of Kratom Society. Kristy suffered from social anxiety disorder her whole life and hated the thought of another person’s company. She said she felt misunderstood and constantly judged by others.

Upon giving birth to her son, her problems became worse. Her anxiety levels shot up and she felt constantly stressed. She started taking Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication, to treat her social anxiety disorder.

To her surprise, she started feeling even more distant from her loved ones, and started feeling less like herself. She felt like Xanax “sucked the life” out of her.

At this point, one of her cousins suggested Kratom. After a few weeks of research online, she decided to buy some Kratom and give it a try. The results were immediately visible. She felt more energetic, less anxious, more social and overall happier. She even encouraged her husband to take it for his stress and back pains.

Today, both Kristy and her husband are Kratom users, living happy and fulfilling lives. They feel like better parents and have become more energetic, social and active people.

What Other Kratom Strains Can Treat Social Anxiety

1) White Vein Kratom: Some white vein Kratom such White Maeng Da helps you relax your nerves and reduce muscular tension. But usually white vein kratom produce a more stimulating effect, so do your research beforehand.

2) Red Vein Kratom: All red vein Kratom provide relief from social anxiety symptoms.

3) All Other Kratom: Most Kratom strains provide a boost of energy, which can be useful for social anxiety. But be careful, because this boost of energy can have the opposite effect depending on the severity of your social anxiety disorder. For many people, it can lead to increased anxiety and stress.

Final tip on Kratom

Make sure that the Kratom strain you purchased is not stale, dirty or impure (i.e. mixed with substances that make it less effective or, worse, harmful to your body).

We recommend you consume premium quality Kratom that only contain the pure leaves and not the stem. The leaf is where all the useful alkaloids are contained. These alkaloids help relieve social anxiety, muscle tension and stress. The stems, on the other hand, have no use and are the most bitter tasting parts of the Kratom leaf.

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