Where and How to Store Kratom Properly

Whether you’re an experienced user of Kratom or just beginning your journey with this resilient little plant, it’s important to create the perfect environment for your Kratom. This means knowing how and where to store your kratom.

When Kratom sits around unused, the active ingredient in Kratom, mitragynine, gradually transform into a compound called mitragynine pseudoindoxyl. This newly formed compound has little to no pain killing properties and may even act as an opiate antagonist.

Improper storage of Kratom will speed up the process in which your Kratom degrades. Therefore, it is critical to know how you can begin storing your Kratom the right way.

How to Store Kratom – For Daily Users

In order for your Kratom to keep its effectiveness and potency, make sure to follow these general rules:

  • store kratom in a cool environment
  • make sure the area is free from humidity, oxygen, and ultraviolet light
  • keep kratom in a dark cupboard if possible (a drawer or box is fine too)
  • ensure the bag stays sealed at all times

How to Store Kratom – For Long-Term Storage

Some users like to store large amounts of kratom (more than 5 kgs) to prepare for a rainy day.   If this is you, then storing everything in your cabinets or drawers probably won’t work. You also need to follow more strict storage guidelines to ensure your Kratom lasts for a longer period of time.

If you’re planning to store your kratom for later use, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Separate Kratom into tightly sealed, smaller plastic bags—First of all, make sure your Kratom is placed into smaller plastic bags. Maybe 1-2 day supplies. This is because you don’t want to keeper re-opening a large bag of Kratom and expose it to air and humidity.
  2. Ensure each bag is airtight and stored in a cold environment—Make sure each bag is airtight. We recommend using a vacuum sealing device. This is where dividing the Kratom into small bags will really benefit you. It will ensure that your Kratom can remain in airtight, cold storage until right before you’re ready to use it. This helps to ensure optimal freshness.
  3. Store individual bags in a tin or plastic container—this is to ensure that no light can get to your Kratom. Tin and plastic containers are great because they ensure a dry and cool storage environment. Some people report benefits of storing Kratom in the freezer. If you are experimenting with this method, make sure to keep an eye for freezer burns.

Storing Pre-Brewed Tea

A lot of users would rather pre-brew their Kratom tea and drink when they need it. If you’re one of these people, keep in mind that pre-brewed tea can last in the refrigerator for only 5 to 7 days before it starts to go bad.

If you pre-brew your tea before you store it, here are some general tips to follow:

  • store the tea in a cool environment. You can freeze the tea to lengthen its life
  • pour what you want to store in a sealed plastic container, not a glass or bowl, to prevent oxidation
  • leave about 20% of the bottle empty to allow for the kratom tea to expand upon freezing. If you don’t, the bottle may explode during this process.

In Conclusion

To prevent your Kratom from degrading or transforming into something you don’t want, make sure you store the plant properly. In general, the longer you plan to store your Kratom for, the stricter the guidelines become. Choosing the correct method of storage is just as important as selecting the right strain and vendor when it comes to discussing Kratom.

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  1. Super helpful information for those who weren’t aware. It still amazes me that most venders sell product with air in the bag. 🙄

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