St. Joseph City Council to Consider Ban on Kratom

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) — The St. Joseph City Council will consider whether to ban Kratom today, June 3, at 7:00pm.

The FDA said Kratom has been linked to at least 44 deaths, however, researchers have noted that all but one of these deaths cited by the FDA involved a myriad of other factors, including usage of deadly drugs like heroin and LSD.

Scientists have also looked into the FDA’s science-backed attack against Kratom and have found that the FDA’s argument against Kratom is based on ‘Junk Science‘.

The proposed ban would make possession of Kratom an ordinance violation that can be prosecuted in Municipal Court.

Full agenda for today’s city council meeting can be found here.

St. Joseph’s city council will discuss Kratom according to item #8 on the agenda:

A Bill (#398-18) sponsored by Mayor McMurray amending Chapter 20, “Offenses and miscellaneous provisions,” of the Code of Ordinances to modify Sections 20-321, titled “Definitions,” and 20-324, titled “Possession,” and to enact a new Section 20-327 titled “Substances qualifying as drugs” to specify that Kratom is a drug under the Code of Ordinances and to prohibit possession.

In the last 2 months, two states signed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. An act that brings forth laws that protect consumers from dangerously adulterated Kratom products. It sets the stage for proper labelling regulations, selling restrictions to minors, and, most importantly, it convinces more states to join in this important effort. Kratom has helped over 5 million US citizens and has huge market potential of kratom as a pain relief and mood-enhancement supplement.

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