Nevada: 4th State to Sign Kratom Protection Act

NEVADA — On Friday, May 24, Nevada joined Utah, Georgia, and Arizona in signing the Kratom Protection Act. The act brings forth laws that protect consumers from dangerously adulterated Kratom products and sets the stage for more states to join in this important effort.

Kelly Dunn and his team at Urban Ice Organics, a Nevada-based Kratom company, played an integral role in pushing for the signing. Dunn’s personal stories involving Kratom and their commitment towards adhering to GMP standards that protect consumers was vital in swaying the votes for the Kratom Protection Act.

With 4 states now in support of the Kratom Protection Act, the FDA and DEA may have to seriously consider the possibility of regulating the sale of Kratom and protecting consumers who want to consume safe and pure Kratom, rather than outright banning it.

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