Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #1296 – ‘Too Much’ Kratom Gets You High!

Joe Rogan has been a major proponent of the Kratom market due to his large following. In his past few videos, he has shed some positive light on Kratom, acting as an advocate of sorts.

Yesterday, he posted another YouTube video ( which requires some clarification.

  1. Taking (Too Much) Kratom gets you high – Although Joe says several times through the video “Kratom gets you high” and titles the video as such, we need to clarify the statement. The “high” Joe experienced was due to taking an irresponsible amount of kratom, not because he simply took kratom. So the statement “kratom gets you high” is misleading. He mentioned he took 8-10 kratom capsules. Assuming each capsule has 1 gram of kratom (some might even have more than 1 gram), he took a total of 8 grams of kratom. The recommended dosage is 0.5 to 3 grams. This was a foolish experiment and should’ve been stressed in the title and throughout the video. It’s like drinking 1 litre of whiskey and saying “whiskey gets you drunk”. Whiskey doesn’t get you drunk, but drinking it irresponsibly does.

  2. Kratom is not an Opiate, but it has Opiate-like qualities – Joe starts off his video saying “people are trying to call it an opiate, but I don’t think it’s technically an opiate. But it’s legal.” To emphasize further, while kratom has opiate-like effects, it isn’t actually an opiate. Scientists have said the opiate-like qualities of kratom is what makes it a promising choice for treating opiate withdrawal symptoms. Basically, kratom activates the same brain receptors as opiates and has similar effects but is gentler and has a much lower risk of addiction. However, the FDA (and similar organizations) have been labelling it an opiate for ammunition to schedule it as a Schedule I drug.

In 2019, amidst legality battles with the FDA and congress, the way we choose to phrase our words regarding kratom matters.

There were, however, some positive things said about kratom in the video:

  1. Taking a small amount of kratom (2 pills) provides a mild stimulant effect — similar to a cup of coffee

  2. Despite taking 8 capsules of kratom, he was still able to function perfectly and mentioned that a normal person “might not even know that I was [high]”

  3. Taking kratom doesn’t affect your motor or coordination skills — unlike alcohol, marijuana, or even some prescription drugs/medicine

  4. Taking kratom doesn’t impair your mental or physical performance — you can lift weights or even go running while on kratom

  5. In general, kratom can have positive effects if taken in moderation, but too much can have negative effects. Like alcohol, marijuana, sugary snacks, and even video games.

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