Powerful Congressional Committee is now Recommending Clinical Trials of Kratom

The House Appropriations Committee is recommending that kratom be studied because of its “potential promising results” in treating chronic pain.

The recommendation is as follows:

  • budget $3 million for research into kratom and CBD as alternatives for treating pain.
  • conduct trials in “geographic regions hardest hit by the opioids crisis.”

Here’s the full report sent to Congress: https://appropriations.house.gov/sites/democrats.appropriations.house.gov/files/FY2020%20LHHS_Report.pdf

In the report, the committee recognized kratom as a potential treatment for acute and chronic pain:

“The Committee requests that NIH expand research on all health impacts of kratom, including its constituent compounds, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The Committee is aware of the potential promising results of kratom for acute and chronic pain patients who seek safer alternatives to sometimes dangerously addictive and potentially deadly prescription opioids.”

The panel also voiced it’s concerns about continued classification of cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance:

“The Committee notes that little research has been done to date on natural products that are used by many to treat pain in place of opioids. These natural plants and substances include kratom and cannabidiol (CBD). Given the wide availability and increased use of these substances, it is imperative to know more about potential risks or benefits, and whether or not they can have a role in finding new and effective non-opioid methods to treat pain.”

Key Insights:

  1. This report is requesting funding for the 2020 federal budget, so immediate action is not expected to take place.
  2. However, inclusion of funding for kratom research is significant at the congressional level, given the recent campaigns against kratom by public health and congress officials.

Source: https://www.painnewsnetwork.org/stories/2019/5/9/house-panel-seeks-clinical-trials-of-kratom

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