Utah Becomes First State to Sign the ‘Kratom Protection Act’

UTAH — Senator Curt Bramble, has introduced Senate Bill 58, the “Kratom Consumer Protection Act.” He emphasized the importance of this bill, as it sets some regulation around how Kratom is sold in Utah.

“So long as it’s pure, properly labeled and there’s disclosures,” he said.

As this is a bill that protects consumer safety, Senator Bramble says kratom mixed with other things would be prohibited.

“It’s a consumer protection bill that prohibits the sale, distribution and marketing of adulterated kratom,”

Kratom has grown in popularity as some have used it at home in efforts to treat chronic pain and opioid withdrawal symptoms. In the U.S., an estimated 5 million people are users of Kratom. While some states have banned it, Senator Bramble has set a precedent within Congress to keep an open mind towards a drug that has helped millions.

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