Rolling Stone: Kratom Association Calls FDA Review of Drug ‘Junk Science’

Excerpt: “This was clearly an unprofessional review,” writes expert Jane Babin in new white paper discussing the agency’s recommendation to ban the plant-based supplement

Recently, the American Kratom Association, a nonprofit that has worked since 2014 to educate the public about the natural drug fought back with a scathing breakdown of everything the government agency got wrong. Boldly titled “FDA Fails to Follow the Science on Kratom,” the white paper — written by Jane Babin, a lawyer and PhD in molecular biology — eviscerates the scientific process the FDA used to conclude that kratom is a health risk.

Babin called their review “junk science,” the paper accuses the agency of misrepresenting the evidence in their favor.

“The FDA has relied on a strategy of manipulating, obscuring and ignoring science in its inexplicable zeal to impede public access to the natural botanical kratom,” writes Babin. “This was clearly an unprofessional review … riddled with significant credibility issues.”

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