Kratom Public Comments – Analysis

A few weeks ago, we reported on how the D.E.A. withdrew their intention to ban Kratom, and opened up a ‘period for public comment’, where anyone could share their story and their thoughts about Kratom.

In just 2 months, over 22,000 comments were written and shared.

To complement the D.E.A.’s analysis, the Kratom community organized themselves to analyze these comments. On January 23, they posted the following update (from the American Kratom Association’s Facebook group):

‘Kratom Comment Analysis Update as of 1/23/17. We now have 16,900 comments analyzed. We are 73% done! The percentages did not change since the last update. Of the comments submitted to the federal register that we have reviewed so far 99.1% (16,754) want kratom to remain legal; 0.4% (74) are neutral, and 0.4% (72) want kratom banned.’

These numbers speak for themselves.

January 31 Update

The Kratom Comment Analysis Team has completed their analysis of the comments. Results will be published shortly. As per their Facebook post:

Katie Lair
Great news, everyone! The Kratom Comment Analysis Team has finished the review of the comments on the federal register. Not ONE comment was overlooked! Some people are still entering their data (as some people wrote down their results on pen and paper and still have to transfer it to our tracker), but we are basically done! Susan Ash, let’s set up a meeting with you, myself and Jason Jeffers (President of the American Coalition of Free Citizens) to discuss how to best publicize this data.

I want to point out that only is this a great thing to have accomplished on a strategic level, as this will completely prevent the DEA/FDA/whomever from trying to mislead the public about the federal register comments, but on a human level, many people poured their souls out on the federal register, talking about their most personal and private struggles, especially people with addiction or people who had been depressed to the point of being suicidal and wherein kratom saved their lives. We have heard every single one of them. Every last person who took the time to sit down at their computer and tell the world about their stigmatized struggles has been heard by the kratom community. Every single man and woman, we heard you! And we will fight for you!!!

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