Kratom Research: “Clear Medical Potential to Treat Opiate Addiction and Withdrawal”

This exchange is from a PBS story from last January (see link below) discussing Kratom’s use in opioid withdrawal, without toxicity…. =”we didn’t ever see any toxicity with the plant material itself”

MIKE TAIBBI (PBS Commentator) : But there’s another side to the kratom story. In laboratory experiments on mice, McCurdy and his colleagues say they have shown how kratom can wean users off opioids. They took mice, like these, addicted to morphine and then deprived them of the drug, thrusting them into withdrawal. Then, they replaced their morphine with kratom.

CHRISTOPHER MCCURDY (School of Pharmacy faculty member & Kratom Researcher) : We would look at low doses, medium doses, high doses. We even went to doses that were off the chart for what a human would use, and this is a mouse! And we didn’t ever see any toxicity with the plant material itself.

MIKE TAIBBI: And none of them died?

CHRISTOPHER MCCURDY: None of them died. And we never saw any seizure, we never saw any side effect essentially.

MIKE TAIBBI: Those side effects (from opiods) include respiratory distress — breathing slowing and sometimes stopping — that causes most fatal overdoses from opioids.

CHRISTOPHER MCCURDY: We haven’t published the withdrawal studies on the mice, but what we’ve seen is a clear medical potential for this to treat opiate addiction and withdrawal.

MIKE TAIBBI: No question in your mind?

CHRISTOPHER MCCURDY: No question in my mind. None at all.

Full interview & video:

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