Forensic Science International: Study Shows Zero Deaths are Attributed to Kratom

Out of the estimated 5 Million users in North America, there were 2 deceased found with extremely high levels of kratom in their blood. Now Forensic Science International concludes their deaths were NOT attributed to kratom.

Please take a few seconds to consider this kratom safety takeway: Out of the estimated 5 Million users of Kratom for pain-relief, opiate replacement and energy management in North America: NOT ONE death has been attributed to kratom.

Study abstract: Two cases of fatalities are reported of which the recreational use of Mitragyna speciosa (“kratom”) could be confirmed. One of these cases presents with one of the highest postmortem mitragynine concentrations published to date. Our results show that even extremely high mitragynine blood concentrations following the consumption of kratom do not necessarily have to be the direct cause of death in such fatalities as a result of an acute overdose.

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